Steel Magnolias closes to rave reviews!

As the director of this play, I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved with this play. The outcome exceeded my expectations ten fold. 

Ticket sales were strong. Audience response was amazing. My cast were so emotionally invested that it made for some outstanding performances on the nights. My backstage and tech crew gave it their all. Pretty much everyone knew how special this was going to be and supported whole heartedly.

And so on to the reviews. Below is a sample of some the feedback we have received so far:

That was by far & away the best play I’ve seen bats perform! Fantastic acting by everyone wouldn’t have been out of place in the west end
And what a brilliant last night it was! Sooo good, fantastic acting, direction…. extremely impressed!!!!

It was a pleasure and an honour to see Steel Magnolias tonight. What an absolutely stunning production. You should be so incredibly proud of yourselves; the hard work, passion and love that you all put into it shine throughout”

“Ladies you did a fantastic job – I loved it! You should all be very proud.”
“Well done Ladies!!  A very polished performance.   We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Absolutely super evening!”
“I had no idea that there was this much talent in BATS, can I book now for the next show please?”
“Amazing performance, I was fighting back the tears towards the end! Looking forward to seeing you all Monday evening, if a little nervous”
“Well done ladies. We loved it. Real tears and proper laughter. Very enjoyable evening”
“So classy, this was not an amateur production, but an amazing show that would rival any professional show out there”
And the pièce de résistance – we invited a NODA representative to come and review us on opening night. I won’t punish the whole review but it was so good, below are a couple of snippets:
“Sound by Tim Gardiner was excellent with the music and 80’s radio station particularly spot on and atmospheric”
“Director Melanie Wilcox did a top notch job of drilling her cast. I take my hat off to her for both taking on a major role and directing, not an easy task at the best of times! However, what she created was a top-quality team of actors playing off each other with real understanding”.
“It really was a master class of reactive acting.”
“You are unlikely to see better acting than that. It was a top team all round and it was a real pity that this show a was (owing to licencing problems) only scheduled for two performances, it deserved to run for weeks!”

“I came with the expectation of being entertained and I was not disappointed in anyway”

So that’s it! The show is over. And to quote M’Lynn, “Life goes on”! The Steel Mags have left the building.

BATS commenced the audition and rehearsal process for their Panto “Robin Hood” last night which will be on in February 19. we are always on the look out for fresh talent, so if you fancy joining our crew, on stage or off stage, checkout the contact us page on this website for details on how to join.